Roasting Marshmallows With My Parents

“Patience.” my Dad says, “Is the key to a perfectly roasted marshmallow”. As he, my mom, and I sat around a camp fire last weekend, I found us all focusing on the simple details. Instead of placing the white fluffy ball directly into the flame for the charbroiled effect, we were all on the same page in holding it off to the side until each side was perfectly browned and the inside, gooey goodness. The end result…perfection! What do you know? My Dad was right ;).

Something else reached perfection that night, and that was a family enjoying each other’s company. I sometimes take advantage of having such great parents my whole life and I mean to be grateful every single day. Similar to my Dad’s motto for the perfect marshmallow, my Mom and Dad have been extremely patient as parents with me and my siblings.

Everyone has their own path in finding what’s right for them. My parents have applied their patience and understanding to support me in everything I do so I can find what’s right for me. They didn’t ever ‘push me into the fire’; instead, they let me approach life in my own way. I just pray I can be as good a parent to my child someday. Thank you, Mom and Dad for everything!